Trade Shows

What can The Unique Twist & Twisting Crew bring to your Trade Show Event?
The number one thing that The Unique Twist & Twisting Crew can bring to your business booth at a trade show is to draw a huge crowd! Once the crowd is there, your product or service will be presented in a unique manner so that people will remember your company name.

“But Doug, Aren’t balloons just for kids?”

Balloons are for everyone, but using kids, gets your ad out and about for everybody to see. Kids can influence parents.
Balloons can be imprinted with your logo on them and then incorporated into a nifty balloon animal or hat sculpture.

Remember those little trinkets that you pass out at your booth?
Where do they go? Right into someones goody bag, never to be seen until later at home,
a Big Unique Balloon Creation, will have people asking … “Where did you get that at?”
And the answer is from booth “xyz” and people will make a beeline right to your waiting representatives and to your message!

By keeping the fun factor involved with your message, people are more likely to
remember your business, for a longer time than you can imagine.

By having something unusual at your booth, that is presented in a professional way, (Corney jokes aside).
People will ask, “Do they work for the company?”
And you can smile at the first icebreaker question, and get your message out to a new prospect!

So, what are you waiting for?
Hire an Energetic, Friendly, Talented Professional, Balloon Artist for your next event!
Most of all make your competition jealous that they didn’t think of hiring The Unique Twist & Twisting Crew before you did!

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