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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How did you Learn to do this?   
A.  Self taught with a lot of trial and error, and fun. All of our associate artists have been fully and personally trained by me.

Q. How long have you been doing this?
A.  Since 1995.

Q. Why do you do this?
A.  Because we enjoy making people smile, and like to have fun doing it.

Q. What are the most popular figures that you make?
A. Our famous monkey in a banana tree, way cool alien guy, princess hat, and the ever popular, sword w/belt.

Q. What is your most unusual Request?
A.  I can’t say here. “LOL”  Actually it’s George Washington crossing the Delaware/ Either that, or a monkey on a motorcycle.

Q. What else do you do while making balloon Creations?
A. We tell corny jokes that go along with each animal, as well as have audience participation with sight gags, and props.

Q. What is your hardest balloon creation to make?
A.  It only depends on time, because with enough time we can make anything your heart desires.

Q.  How long will my balloon creations last?
A. Until you pop them. But seriously, most of our creations are good anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks or more, depending upon how you play with them.

Q.  What’s this warranty thing that you offer?
A. Where ever you see “The Unique Twist”, We offer, to replace your balloon creation, if you should suffer any accidental breakage, at no extra cost, as long as you bring us the broken pieces.

Q. What events are you available for?
A. We are available for Kids Nights @Restaurants, Birthday Parties, Company Picnics, School Carnivals, Grand Openings, Church Events, Private Parties, Trade Shows, Festivals,and Your Unique Party Needs!

Q. How far will you go to perform?
A.  Not that far, We do have standards you know! We will travel to just about anywhere that you need balloon entertainment, for making your event special. Some long distant events will require a travel charge.

Q.  At some places your balloons are free, other times you sell them, and sometimes you only take tips, why is that?
A.   It depends upon the event, that we are working at the time.

Q.  Do you do freebies or charity Work ?
A.  Yes and No, if you are a charity that has hired us for work in the past, then probably yes. You generally have to hire us once, and
then you can call about freebies. Unfortunately no one gives us free supplies!

Q.  Do I have to provide anything, and how much space do you require?
A.  All you have to provide is a receptive, fun, group of people who want balloons. And we only take up about a 5 X 5 space.

Q.   What’s your typical performance time?
A.  One (1) hour minimum — up to ????

Q.  How much do you cost?
A.  Call for rate Quotes. We are very affordable to meet your budget needs.

Q. Is there a travel fee?
A. Some locations do carry a small additional travel fee to off set the distance.

Q.  When are you available?
A. Generally, nights and weekends, but call because you never know until you ask. Now with our many associate artist’s we are always available during the day.

Q.  Why won’t you give my kid a Balloon?
A.  This is one of the most common questions that is asked of us. The short answer is “Safety First”.  We don’t do balloons for kids
under age 3, because of the hazards that could happen. Your child’s safety is more important to us! The industry standard is 3 and older so if someone, is doing balloons for your two year old, they aren’t concerned at all about your child’s safety.

Q.  Do you use special balloons?
A.  Nope, we only use the best — Qualatex!

Q.  Can you teach a balloon class?
A.  Why of course, call for details.

Q.  Where is the most unusual place that you have  done balloons?
A.  On the back of a dive boat in the South Pacific (ask me about the details)

Q.   Do You do other cities and towns, in Central Illinois, other than Peoria, & Bloomington / Normal?
A.   Why Yes We Do !  What city do you want us in?

Now Hiring for Balloon Artist Entertainers

Do you have an engaging funny personality, like to have fun while working? Then this could be your best part time job ever! People, people only need apply.